Monday, August 01, 2005


It's Sunday. I went out during day, walking around under the blazing sun. Hopefully, I've happened to find a nice Cafe in Jiyugaoka. After went home and had dinner, I poured wine into glass, and is sipping. I opened a white wine Yestarday night. and there is some left in the bottle yet. This wine still smells like pamplemousse, citron, pine, honey on it. it also includes mineral, I think. and feel like acerbity like the thin skin(inner membranes?) of pamplemousse. This is a nice wine for summer. I'm listeing music, Joao Donato, it's a brasilian music. I think it's kinda easy-listening. some people know him, I suppose. This music and wine go together, it made me happy. Happy weekend everybody!

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