Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Full bloom!

It's faster than I've expected! The other is still surviving as well.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Wine report.

Saturday night, We've tasted some Bourgogne at our favorite wine shop. 2 white:Chablis and Pouilly Fuisse, 3 red: Morey Saint Deni, Chassagne Montrachet(usually white wine in this area, but it red) and Fleurie(Beaujolais), and Banyuls(sweet red wine). I will write below, each tastes I've felt in the order we've tasted.

1)Chablis Premier Cru 2001(the right bottle on the left photo)
it smelt like..., what? mineral? the shop owner said it might smell like flint.
2)Pouilly Fuisse 2001(the left bottle on the left photo)
I've got a little(quite light) sweetness and honey. and light vanilla which means coming from cask wood.
3)Morey-Saint=denis 2001(the right bottle on the middle photo)
This one is great. I've smelt it before my nose is close to the glass. the color, the edge of color was a little orage.
4)Chassagne Montrachet 2001(the middle bottle on the middle photo)
usaully, white wine producing here. mais, there are less red wine, the shop owner said so. I prefer Morey-Saint-denis at this time. the smell seems closed yet. but I've got a feeling this wine can be more nicer. I wanna taste it some years later.
5)Fleurie 2001(the left bottle on the middle photo)
smell like fraises(strawberry). I've the same feeling when I taste one of Marcel Lapierre's. I like the wine like those. but this one is thicker. I've heard of that 2003 is quite hot summer, and grape got too sweetness. Perhaps that's a reason why I felt thickness. well, I don't know.
6)Banyuls(the bottle on the right photo)
sweetness, very sweet. I felt asleep.

<--- Well, This was Today morning. When it's in full bloom?

There is anohter flower?

It was Friday morning, Sep 16th. It's growing up day by day. and Surprisingly, I've found another one. It's tiny. What's going on this summer!? The photo on the right is that I've found recently. This is an unit that Hope Sandoval, a woman singer who is in Mazzy Star, and Colm O ciosog, a dummer of my bloody valentine. well, I haven't listen each music yet, but this one is really nice.

Friday, September 16, 2005

月下美人(Gekka Bijin) part3!!

I was surprised that a flower was beginning to bloom at this time. I've never expected that, because it's only once or twice time every summer before. Wow.. the right pic is that a Belgian beer, taste cherry.

Friday, September 09, 2005

What is she doing?

She is my niece. What do you think she was doing?