Saturday, December 20, 2008

pino in France

We've tasted pino this weekend. Loire, Alsace, and Bourgogne. We decanted some of them by ovarius.

The first of all, We celebrated the end of 2008 with a rose of champagne, De Sousa. This is my favorite champagne. the afterglow was longer. I like it.

So, We started to taste pino noir below. The left wine was Thierry Puzelat. It smelt nicely as soon as opened. The middle of wine was Sebastien Riffault. Firstly, It's closed, but after minutes, It got better and better. the right wine was Gerard Schueller. This pino was quite nice. It's little similar to a Bourgogne. I love this.

and We kept tasting another pino noir, 2 bottles of wine by Philippe Pacalet. Nuits Saint George and Bel Air. the both were nice, but I prefer Bel Air somehow. The tasteing was over, but there were less bottles, so we opened another bourgogne at the end, Lou Dumont 1987, It's aged nicely.

the end of the tasting, We've sipped a sweet wine, 30 lunes, Maisons Brulees. and I brought this Japanese sweet, Ama-nattou. This is a famous ama-nattou shop in Yokohama, "Omoya". You should try this sweet. You would feel their character, not only sweetness. It's different from common Ama-nattou.

Monday, December 15, 2008

weekend rum

These rum were that I've enjoyed this weekend at a bar and home. The both were made by Samaroli. Especially, The rum on the right photo was difficult to find. The after flavor was long and nicer.

weekend wines

I've tasted these wines this weekend. The Alsace was made by Marc tempe, Alliance. There are some varieties in this wine. I like the wine like this. La Passion was juicy and a thick wine, but It's not tired to drain a bottle of wine. Alcor and Mizar was more thicker, but smells nicer too. but I wanna drink this after years.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

legend of cuban rum

I've sipped a special rum made by Valdespino, which was a Sherry brewery. I love this rum. It's completely different from the others. There are less bottle released by some reason. You should sip this wonderful rum if you get a chance.