Sunday, November 30, 2008

weekend cigar

I've puffed a cigar this weekend, vegueros. I like the cigar like this.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

weekend wines

I've tasted 2 bottles of wine this weekend. A & G Olivier, Bourgogne blanc. This wine was nice. It was so nice as the inexpensive wine like this. I'm completely satisfied. The other wine was Chateau la cabanne 1995. This pomerol was nice. I hardly drink Bordeaux. It smelt like mushroom(porcini) and berries. This wine was also inexpensive as Pomerol, I think.

weekend pasta

I ate Orecchiette this weekend. the sauce was made with ground pork, shiitake mushroom and azuki(small red beans). I also added garlic, some herbs and spices in it. this sauce went together with orecchiette pasta.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

primeur in 2008

I've tasted 10 kinds of Beaujolais Nouveau this weekend. This year, all wines were lower alcohol and less sweetness. I've heard of that it's hard get enough sun and there were some grape coming not to fruition, which means less amount, but conversely, the grape would be condensed. It depends on what is the purpose on making wine. The winery could get nice grape if they sorted the grape carefully. But it's very hard job.

Anyway, We've enjoyed the wines. They went together with cheese, and canard ham. Personally, I liked Jean Claude Lapalu's and Philippe Pacalet's. Mr Lapalu's wine has the most sweetness in this tasting. I also liked the others, but It's enough wine for me tonight. I gave up thinking, and just felt and enjoyed the wines. cheers and drink up!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

an ashtray for cigar

I've made this ceramic ashtray . I made it in a lesson in September. and waited to be baked it. The size is nice for put a cigar. I'm stasfied.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

baked apple

I've got tasteless apple today. I just wanted to eat small apple, that wasn't good. so that I put them in the oven. It's quite better than eating raw.

and there is wines and sake that I've sipped recently. Vercheny(the left pic) was made in Loire, Thierry PUZELAT. It was easy to drink, so that I drained this bottle one night. I hardly drink that much, because I'm a light dinker. It was that nice. La pente de chavigny(the middle of the pic) was also made in Loire, Mikael Bouges. This white wine was nice too. I've drain this bottle for three days. At the first night, fruity, mineral, and I've felt the character of Sauvignon blanc, and second night, I've felt like honey and citrus. the third day was also nice. It's very nice wine. The sake(the right pic) was hiyaoroshi which means brew it in Spring and bottled in Autumn for maturing.

grappa alla liquirizia

I've sipped a shot of grappa alla liquirizia in a Calabrian restaurant. Calabrian food is basically hot, but It was fun and enjoy the food. I've tasted three kind of hot paste made with pork, calamari, and shirasu(post larvae) at the first as annibble with spumante. and I choose a plate of appetizers, and castagna pasta with cream sauce. and I ate some cookies, and Granite.

Monday, November 03, 2008


I went to see the baseball with friends yesterday night since about 10 years. till 4,5 innings was fun. and the score was dead even, 2-2. and till 9 inning, the game wasn't fun, sort of boring. Might be the both pitcher were good. I thought it could went into extra innings. and I'm little bored. But The Yomiuri Giant's cleanup batter hit a home run to win the game in the bottom of the ninth. Phew! He did it. The fans were standing and so excited then. After that, we had a glass of wine and had a toast for good yesterday night.