Tuesday, July 31, 2007

tonight pasta

I ate spaghetti with clams and broccoli. I like simmering broccoli till very soften when I eat pasta. People usually prefer harder vegetables in Japan. and so do I, except this pasta.
I cooked garbanzo salad for tomorrow event. it's very easy. just boil the beans, added fine chopped onion and season it with vinegar, parsley, pink pepper, salt, and nice olive oil. What is the event? I'll tell you later.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

tonight dinner

I cooked a south Indian curry with beans, masala paste I've cooked, and coconut milk. and I served it with yogurt and grilled baguette. The wine was a Rhone wine, Estezargues "Domaine des bacchantes 2004". It smells nicely, juicy, currant, spicy, and well, It's really good.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

tomorrow's lunchbox

I cooked some dishes as tomorrow lunch box. Simmered Iwashi(sardine or herring?), Simmered Sunagimo(chicken gizzards) and garlic(oriental?) chive, and Ratatouille(a simmered dish in France, right?). I've got a giant zucchini from one of our wine tasting members. So that, I cooked Ratatouille with zucchini. I added squash, carrot, eggplant, and shimeji mushroom.

marchese leopoldo

I've tasted an Italian wine after a while. Marchese Leopoldo, Pinot Nero 2001. a red wine in Piemonte. nice balanced wine, taste softly and smell nice. My favorite wine shop treated this wine for a change. Usually He is good at treating French wine, but he wanted to treat some Italian wine too. I like this wine at least.

Monday, July 23, 2007

risoni with shijimi and broccoli

I cooked pasta with risoni(rice shaped pasta), shijimi(freshwater clam), and broccoli tonight.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


We've tasted 4 bottles of Loire wine yesterday night.

First of All, Vin Mousseux, Jean Christophe Garnier. I didn't know that he makes Vin mousseux too. and this was divine! rich honey smell and nice acidity. I really like it.

Blanc 2005. I don't what varieties in this wine. tasted natural.

I think the variety was Sauvignon blanc. this wine was the same rich, juicy, and fruity as the wine in the south France, like Languedoc.

I've tasted his wine after a while. very silky. I sometimes smell grassy(green bell pepper?) in Cavernet sauvignon, but this wine wasn't. juicy and rich taste.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

herring again..

I cooked a simmered fish with Iwashi(herring or sardine?) as the tomorrow my lunch box again. herring are in season now. The bones are so weak that you can clean by hand. That's why we call herring "Iwashi", which is written as "鰯" in Japanese Kanji character. this kanji is combine "魚" and "弱". "魚" means fish in Japanese, So is Chinese, I think. and "弱" mean weak. see this? That means the fish having weak bones. I hope everybody see those Kanji characters though. and I cooked namul(Korean seasoned vegetables) with moyashi(sprout) and mibuna(green vegetable in Kyoto).

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

simmered bonito

I cooked simmered bonito and boiled green vegetable(kyo-mibuna, which is popular vegetable in Kyoto) as tomorrow lunch. this nimono's sacue was soy-sauce, mirin and sake. The fish meat crumpled up, so it doesn't look nice, but that's okay. I'm the one who eat this dish.
I also cooked and ate curry like Channa Masala. I simmered garbanzo beans and "tora mame"(one of Japanese kidney beans) with masala sauce and coconut milk. I ate it with yogurt and bread.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

marinade with aji

I cooked marinade with aji(small Japanese horse mackerels) for tomorrow lunch. Usually, people fry the whole fish(put off inner parts) and marinate them. The bone is also eatable. but I don't wanna use oil, so that I grilled the fish and Naga-negi(Japanese leek) on low heat with fresh thyme instead of frying. little hard, but it's eatable if you chew away, not so hard. Might be tomorrow, the bone become soften while marinating.

Monday, July 09, 2007

simmered dish with Iwashi

I cooked a simmered fish with Iwashi(herring) as the tomorrow my lunch box. Mirin, Sake, water, soy sauce and Umeboshi in it. It must go together with onigiri(rice ball).

This beverage was what I happened to find in a store today. It's a energy drink like Red Bull, I think.

weekend meals

I cooked and ate those meals, Pho and Pasta. The soup of Pho was shellfish based soup, Shijimi shell, It's a tiny shell which is popular as people use them to make a miso soup. and the pasta sauce was tomato sauce with Saba(mackerel?).

Saturday, July 07, 2007


I ate tortilla tonight. the filling was two, the mixing chopped sashimi(Katsuo), avocado and asparagus. and the other was fish based tomato sauce, little hot. I ate them with Mexican beer.

misoni with flyfish

I cooked a simmered Japanese traditional dish, called "misoni" with flyfish.

See? These are flyfish. People knows it as a fish can fly on sea.

I'm simmering the fish with miso based soup, miso, mirin, sake, and water. And I added thick sliced ginger. It's very simple. Don't use much miso. Perhaps, some people notice the white flat looked like a pig. This is a "Otoshi buta". Otoshi buta is a kinda lid for making simmered dish. Usually the lid is made with wood though, this is made with silicon. This pig face isn't just design. the nose is functioning as vent hole. and you can pick it up by sticking the nose with chopsticks. see this. that's little funny.

One of the misoni dish.

Friday, July 06, 2007


I've bought a sherry after a while. Ynocente fino, Valdespino. My favorite sherry brand. This fino is still made by single vineyard, the traditional brewing. Fino is very dry taste. I've caught little flowery and woody smelling.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

red flat fish

I ate red flat fish with a white wine espanol. I simmer the fish with water, white wine, garlic. and put the fish aside and simmer away the liquor until it become thick and added olive oil to make the sauce for the fish.
The wine was dry taste, smell like grapefruit because it's chilled. and nice acidity. after minutes, it smells more tropical fruits and get a little bitter taste.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

teriyaki tuna

I've bought Suji meat of Tuna. It's a part of fish meat in Japanese. I can't describe where it is in fish meat though, It's the meat beside the bone. This time, I got a suji part of Tuna. and cooked it with teriyaki sauce for my tomorrow lunch. the liquid were mixed with soy-sauce, mirin and sake. marinated the suji meat with the liquid for 30 minutes. wipe and saute the meat till brown and aside it. simmer away the liquid untill it become half. and put the meat back to the liquid and simmer away untill it become thick.