Sunday, March 26, 2006

Cosy sounds

I've got two CDs after a while. Wechsel Garland,"easy" and a compilation album,"love". it's selected by Catherine Piault and Guillaume Sorge. nice music. it makes me relax. :D

Sunday, March 19, 2006

dégustasion mars

We've tasted one Rose Spumante, one white and 4 red wine tonight.
It was a aged spumante. I forgot how old it was. little more aged than we've expected, but it's not bad.

Coulee de Serrant, Nicolas Joly. I've sipped his wine after a long, long while. very richness. I also like Chateau Pierer Bise. Another nice wine in Loire.

We've tasted 3 bottles of wine in this domaine tonight. Bourgogne was a easy wine to enjoy, Everybody liked it. Tow Gevrey Chambertin were more rich than Bourgogne. I think I like to drink them after a couple of year.

This is Iris's wine. It is the frist time to drink her wine. Grenache 100%, she told me. it's very richness more than I've expected. I've tasted a Italian wine which was also 100% Grenach before, and it taste light, Ofcourse that was also ripe grape. but Iris's Grenache was strong, richness, soft tanic. I thought it was another grape.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

dernier dinner

My favorite italian restaurant is closed tomorrow, Saturday 18th March. I've enjoyed all meal and wine as usual. The photo on the left was Pasta with sardine. This was divine! There were sliced washed cheese hiding at the bottom of the plate. The pasta and cheese mixed gradually, That was so delicous way!! The phot in the middle was a Italina wine, Trentino-Alto Adige region, Riesling. It was also quite nice wine. I was very happy to sip this wine by a glass.

Monday, March 13, 2006

le raisin et l'ange

"grape and angel", sounds nice. 2004 hommage(à Robert), What does that mean? It's nice tanic, and smell berry. natural taste, I think. I've sipped 2 glasses of wine with pasta tonight.

Sunday, March 12, 2006


I've got a massage today. The massage practitioner has offered me to use homeopathy.
I've heard of the name here or there, but I didn't know what it is. homeopathy corrects the imbalances and weaknesses. I don't know the detail yet.

Why do I use homeopathy? Well, recently, A doctor says that I've got a repetitive stress injury by using pc. 3 years ago, I've noticed something wrong in my body. Since, it's getting worse little by little. Firstly, I thought it was just lack of exercise. I went to gym three a week. not so hard excercise. But last year, I've got a hyperventilation syndrome. I was almost panic. "What's happening to me?", "What've I done?" A doctor said that I've got a stress. but I have no idea what kind of stress I've got. I couldn't understand that. Anyway, I stop going to gym and went to many places to check my body and hear second, third, forth opinion. I'm looking for the factor. I wanted to know where my factor is, Physical side or mental side. but Almost of the doctors said my disease was hyperventilation. Since, somehow, the stiffness of body is getting worse little by little. I felt down. The doctor gave me a antianxiety drug. But I don't wanna use that kind of medicine. I was worry about the adverse effect. I stared to look for another way. I was googling and found a clinic. the doctor explains there are many people get RSI(repetitive stress injury) these days. it's caused by using pc or something. I felt like going the clinic. and I went to there. the doctor said that's certainly the case with me. Actually, Before many staff quit the company each year in our section, IT section. I just work as a temporary staff here and I hadn't worked this kind of job before. it became busy. I had to do anything, even I didn't know. Everyday, I've got tensed up. That was 3 years ago. When my stress was kinda peak, a skillful staff came our section. Now he handles the job and it comes easy to me. But I use pc all day, even when it's not busy, I just look at the monitor. I hate this. That's the reason why I get a massage and start using homeopathy. I don't know it works to me yet. but I will try anything.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Le plo

Finally! I've gotten this wine! Iris is the nice lady who make a comment in my blog time to time. I've been looking for her wine. and I've found this. It haven't been opened yet. I will taste it in my wine tasting event next time.

le canon!

I've open a wine after a long while. Le canon, La grande colline. I love the wine hwo Ooka, who is a Japanese, and Thierry Allemand brew. it's very natural. It makes me relax. I love that!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Canada In Springtime

It's a sunshine day in Yokohama today. Today's first song that iTune has picked up was this song, Canada in Springtime. What a coincidence! The spring is coming soon! The song was written by the free design. some people know their song, "Can You Tell Me How To Get To Sesame Street?". famous song, you know.

Tonight, I sipped this grappa, Elisi. very nice smell. it will put me to sleep nicely.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Dried Mangoes!

This is the most delicious mangoes I've ever had. it's not so dried, moist and more fleshy than the other. it's made in Philippines.