Saturday, May 30, 2009

Didier Daguneau

It's been long time after tasting. I have a time to upload the photos.

We've tasted some wines produced by Didier Daguneau. I've told that his son accede the wine making now, after he were gone by an accident. I wanna drink the wines he makes too.

First of All, We've relieved ourselves thirst with champagne, Gaston Dericbourg. That made a nice start.

I liked both, but Buisson Renard's excellent smell has gone down faster. I wanted to enjoy this smell for more while. it couldn't help it.

We've tasted a red wine before the last of his sweet wine, Pascal Simonutti. It's nice light wine. I like his wine.

The last wine of Daguneau tonight was this, les Jardins de Babylone. What a lovely sweet wine. I also like this label.

While tasting, There were some foods.

And after that, We wanted drink more, so We opened some mroe wines. 2004 Nuitage, Marc Pesnot. Nice natural white wine. 2003 Bourgueil, Yannick Amirault. Nice silky wine. and Beaujolais Nouveau 2004, Jean Foillard. This Nouveau can drinkable after years. What a surprise!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

weekend wines

I've sipped a pouilly fume 2006 and a pommard 1998 tonight. Both were nice balance. The white smelt like grapefruit, nice acid. The red was also nice acid, soft tannin, berries, and little citrus like oranges. It also smelt like pencil. I don't know why I felt like pencil smelling, but sometimes I feel that way.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Finally, I've got a pipe. I'm practicing now. Is anyone who can tell me what leaves are nice?

Monday, May 18, 2009


Suiton is one of Japanese noodles made of wheat flour. It doesn't look nice, but It was a simple cozy dish. I will cook it nicer next time. It went together with an Alsace wine.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

malt whiskey

I've sipped many whiskeys this weekend. Personally, I liked Highland Malt 1973 and 1976.

We've also sipped liqueur and wine. I've drunk much at one night. I feel like I don't need alcohol for while. But I think I'm gonna have dinner out next weekend and drink some. haha.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

katsunuma wineries

I visited some wineries in Yamanashi pref today. It took about 2hours from Yokohama. It's not that far. By mischance, We were overtaken by a shower in the afternoon, but We could see the field. I hardly drink Japanese wines though, but I rethink it's not bad at all. Some wines have character as a Japanese wine. Personally, I liked Chardonnay and Kerner.
After visiting the wineries, We ate Houtou(a kind of udon noodle in miso soup) as a lunch.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Japanese beer

I took photos some of Japanese beers that I like recently. The left beer was reproduced as a lager beer for a limited time. It's made in Meiji era. There are the beer made in Taishou era as well, but I prefer the Meiji beer. The right beer was a ale beer released these years. This beer is fruity. I'm glad that some Japanese beer companies can make the beer like this.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

weekend wines

The first week in March in Japan, People can get some days off. We call it "Golden week", meaning like wonderful days off? Anyway, We are looking forward to this week in every year. So, I opened some wines without the anxiety of tomorrow work! The left was an Italian white wine. It smelt like the scent of a perfume, flowery, and bitterness. I loved it. the right was pino. I wonder why the name was "clos blanc"? Was this place used to made the grape for white wine? This wine had nice acidity even though I've heard of 2003 was quite hotter than usual. I wanna try this once more, but there seems hard to find it in Japan.