Wednesday, October 31, 2007


hana-omoi is the rice developed in Aomori pref and some sake breweries. It's said that they has struggled to develop this rice for 15years. They aimed to make the same quality as Yamada-nishiki which is said the best rice for making sake. I tasted it with a dish, simmered with Hakusai(Chinese cabbage), Tougan(Japanese(Chinese?) winter melon), tiny dried shrimps, Ganmodoki(a fried tofu dumpling vegetables), some Chinese soup stock cube and mirin. Tougan isn't sweet fruit like usual melon. People eat it as a vegetable.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Sancho Panza again..

I've tried this mini cigar once more. and I think it's a nice cigar to enjoy for a wonderful short break.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

weekend relaxing

I've opened a sake and drunk it with arani(simmered fish). This sake was strong and tasted little acidity and sweetness. it smelt fruity and vanilla. I meant it's not vanilla flavor which people describe about wine, not oak flavor. I meant vanilla beans. Sometimes, I get a feeling of vanilla flavor when I taste sake. it went together with arani. I also drunk sake as Atsukan. Atsukan is a hot sake, and you can heat it by heating in a microwave nowadays. You can taste different tastes with one sake. After dinner and before sleep, I've puffed a mini cigar, "Punch Petit Punch". What a wonderful night.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

domaine vieille julienne 2003

I've opened a vin de pays last weekend, Domaine Vieille Julienne. It's getting higher since a famous wine writer has admired highly. Actually, it's getting nicer year by year, I think. I loved a white table wine which weren't allowed AOC. That was superb too! This vin de pays tasted very juicy and nice tannin flowed on my tongue and down to my throat smoothly. It was a nice wine.

Friday, October 19, 2007

tonight meal

I've enjoyed dinner tonight because I have a day off tomorrow.
Duinen dubbel, It's not bad all, but not so good.

the pasta sauce was made with Komatsuna and Shirasu. This is one of my favorite.

after dinner, I sipped a sake, Kuroushi. I think it's stronger than usual. nice balanced. I think that I should try Atsukan(warmed sake).

The cigar was Sancho Panza. It was the first time to puff it. and I liked this. It's inexpensive and nice balanced.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

petit sumatra

It was the first time to puff this cigarillos and I liked it. It's inexpensive and nice balanced. It's enough reasonable price for me to enjoy.

mayuhake omoto 2007

Mayuhake omoto opened up this year too. It seems to bloom once a year. Mayuhake is eyebrow brush in Japanese. It looks like eaybrow brush, doesn't it?

Sunday, October 14, 2007


I've opened a Passetoutgrain tonight. and drunk with grilled fish. The fish was kamasu(peto) in Japanese. The wine was a light taste wine. the varieties were pino noir and gamay. passetoutgrain was made with gamay mainly. It's said that it's supposed to made with 2/3 gamay and 1/3 pino. As opened it, it's sour, but after 1 hour, It became nice balanced and smell nicely. The cigar was hoyo de monterrey. One of my favorite.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

villers trippel

It's the first time to drink this beer. It tastes fruity and hoppy. It's not so strong, and nice balanced. Not bad. I drunk it with pasta. the pasta sauce was pork meat sauce with cabbage, raizins, and dried porcini mushroom. I didn't add water, only the liquid soaking porcini and the moisture of cabbage. I added little balsamic.

Friday, October 12, 2007

aged sake

Usually, people drink sake in a year, but There are some aged sake like wine. This sake is aged in 2 years. and tonight sake is little higher alcohol than usual. It still tastes fresh. I've tasted 30 years aged sake before, That tasted sherry, but This wasn't that aged ones. It still has rice taste.
And I cooked a Arani tonight as Tsumami(a kinda nibble food with alcohol). Ara means the part of a fish which is useless, Mainly the head. but this part is still eatable and you can eat it by simmering. Arani is a popular Japanese meal. Usually, It costs about 300yen per one head, which means very cheep. and The head has collagen. I think It's a healthy meal.
The fish meat like this needs to pour boiled wwater to rid the strong fish aroma. and simmered in sake(for cooking) and sugar for 8 minutes. after that, add Mirin and Soy-sauce and simmer till the liquid get thicken. Basically, The taste is salty-sweet. You should ladle up the sauce and pour the fish meat sometimes while simmering.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tonight meal

Yudoufu, Misozuke(marinated tuna in miso based sauce), and Sake. It's a Japanese meal tonight. The sake was stronger than usual ones. It went together with Misozuke. Yudoufu was also nice. The Tofu was a Kinugoshi-dofu.

Monday, October 08, 2007


Tamago-zake is a kinda of egg nog in Japan. The ingredients were egg, the liquid of ginger, sugar, and sake. This time, I mixed all in a sauce pan, and put it in hot water to heat it up(We call this technique "Yusen" in Japanese). It tastes milky and creamy. little vanilla flavor, I think. People drink it when they get a cold. It's said a very effective hot drink.

Japanese olives

There is a place which makes olive in Japan, Syoudo-shima(in Japanese). I've received a olive paste yesterday, The taste is very Japanese style. The ingredients were green olive, ginger, and ao-nori(green laver). You can paste it on Yu-doufu(warmed Tofu). Kinugoshi-Dofu would be better, but I only had Momen-Dofu, but not bad at all. Kinugoshi is more soften than kinugoshi.

acqua pazza

Yesterday, I've visited my friend for a dinner. We've cooked acqua pazza. The ingredient were Kasago(a kinda rockfish?), clams, garlic, black olives, dried petite tomato in olive oil, and water. I thought acqua pazza was difficult to cook, but very simple meal. sauted each side, added clams, the other ingredients and simmered for 10mintues or so.

Friday, October 05, 2007

A.H. Hirsch Reserve Bourbon 16 years

I've sipped a Bourbon at a Restaurant bar after dinner Yesterday. "Bancone Yohachimaru", My favorite restaurant bar. They serve delicious Italian foods basically. They used to work some Italian restaurant. So that, They can still serve nice cozy Italian meals. The Bourbon was A.H. Hirsch Reserve Bourbon 16 years. It smells nicely and little sweetness. Usually, I have a feeling that It smells less fruity, more cereal(corn?), but this bourbon wasn't. I liked it.