Sunday, November 27, 2005

Boujolais Nouveau

Finally, We've tasted Nouveau 2005. We couldn't make the time and day for this occasion. We were looking forward to this pary. You know what, We've tasted 10 bottles at this time!! and 1 Nouveau bottle in 2004 too! Why did we keep 2004? Well, One of us happened to have one and it would be fun to prepare 2005. There were also the same winary in 2005.
We've gathered at a house, brought the wines, and food. I've brought some bread. then, just open them, drink, eat, and talk till midnight. I think 2005 was very nice year, at least Beaujolais area, Because all wine were nice. not just thick and sweet like 2003 wines, they had acid. I'm looking forward to drink 2005 wines. When can I drink 2005 wines?

Saturday, November 26, 2005


Vinsanto is a sweet wine in Italy. Usually It's like Vin Doux Naturels in France, But This vinsanto wasn't sweet. It smell like honey and roasted chestnut, nice smell. I like that. The name was Castello di Ama. the bar owner told me it was a famous winary in Chainti. and this vinsanto is unique and rare.

Friday, November 25, 2005


This is a Sake produced by a Japanese chai in Ishikawa Pref, "Kikuhime".

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Kinako mochi

It's a chocolate, but tastes like Kinako mochi. interesting and delicious.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Dinner out

I went out for dinner after work tonight. Firstly I've sipped a glass of white wine with a peace of tortilla. It smelt like green apple. dry and fresh. Then I've ordered Gnocchetti(a small shell-shaped pasta) with sausage and chestnut. it was a little hot and spicy. It's very delicious!! After dinner, I've sipped a cup of espresso with a drop of liqueur named Élixir Végétal.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

After the champagne party...

Now midnight.. After the party, Some people and I moved to another place to drink more. We were in the mood for a red wine. First restaurant, bar?, was named "Tar Tar".
We've opened a Marsannay 2002, Domaine Philippe Naddef. I think it's the first time to drink it, and I enjoyed it. the other enjoyed it too. We had some meal too, marinated some mushrooms, chicken liver mousse, carbonara(this was divine!), canard confit and olives.

We've drained the bottle. What will we open next in these Gigondas wine. Where was Gigondas?

We've choosed this one.

We moved one more bar and restaurant, Le Marie Jeanne. We've opened a Alsace pino noir. It was Domaine Gerard Schueller. I like his pino noir very much. it smells like Ume(Japanese plum) and Katsuobushi(it's a Japanese traditional ingredient, boiled and dried bonito flesh). It's really my description though. and Last one was Bourgueil 2002, Yannick & Nicole Amiraut. It's cabernet franc. This one is very silky and smoothly. I like this too.

De Sousa

The family of my favorite champagne came to Japan, De Sousa!! We've tatsted his champagne.
First of all, We've taste Cuvee brut tradition with this aperitif.

Next, We've tasted Cuvee Reserve Blanc de Blanc, which means only Chardonnay.

We've tasted Cuvee Des Caudalies! and afeter that We've tasted Cuvee brut tradition demi sec with a desert.

Eric de Sousa and his wife Michelle. Acutually, Thier three children came to Japan too, but The eldest sister got a 39 degree fever,maybe she got tired too, so that the children took a rest in the hotel tonight. I'm sorry to see them again, but that can't help. I hope she will get rid of it soon, and have a nice trip.

Cafe de L'ambre

Cafe de L'ambre, It's old coffee shop since 1948. It's located in Shinbashi, near to Ginza. The coffee shop told me a nice little acid coffee. Usually I prefer a bitter coffee, but That coffee was different. It had an acid taste. it's like a berry. I also like the other coffee in this shop. I go there when I go to Ginza.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


We had dinner in China town in Yokohama tonight to eat a Toufu dish named "MA-BO-DOUFU". it's a Szechuan food. It's spicy and hot. One of my workmates had been saying that he was dying to eat the MA-BO-DOUFU since 2 weeks ago, so that we've decided to go there tonight. I like it while it's hot. It's tasty and smell Chinese pepper nicely. but after get cold, It's a bit solty for me. Eat up before it gets cold!!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Nina Nastasia

Tonight, my ears have caught this song, A dog's life. I most like this song in her album, "Dog". You can listen some session in here.

Sunday, November 06, 2005


One of my workmates gave me a sake as a souvenir. Hananomai, that's the name. I've enjoyed it with Akegarashi. This sake is called "Shinshu" which means a nouveau of Sake. It's dry taste. nice taste.

Saturday, November 05, 2005


It's a kinda bar, but it's a bit different from the other. Two over 80 years old women(I can't believe this!!) and a few youngers serve us. Everybody are supposed to have only three drinks, anybody can't order more drink, This rule was made by the father of these two daughter. He made this rule for everybody's enjoy. and no menu. There are food served with each drink, which means that you take one drink and one meal to go with it each times. the foods are Japanese traditional meal. this place is open 5pm, and closed 9pm. The women always say this, "Go straight home, not go for more drink". I like the atmosphere. I only took a photo on the front of this place. I will take more photo next time. It's located in Noge, Sakuraghi-cho.