Monday, October 31, 2005

Ann Burton

Is there anyone know Ann Burton? She was a Jazz singer in Holland. She came to Japan in 70's. I've happened to find a live album in a record shop. It held in 1977, Japan. I've got it at second hand, but the condition wasn't not bad at all, no scratch mark. I like her voice, and the way she sings.

Yvon Métras

Yestarday, I've opened a wine from someone. Yvon Métras, Beaujolais Fleurie 2003, That's the wine. It is the first time drink it. and I liked it. I could be wrong, but it's similar to Marc Pesnot's wine,Abouriou, Marcel Lapierre's Gamay. The Abouriou was that I'd tasted and reported before.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Yo La Tengo and Archer Prewitt

Recently, I've been moving my CD's to iTune and play randomly. Tonight, My ears have cought a song of Yo La Tengo. I like thier latest album, summer sun. By the way, Did you know that a Solo Album of Jhames's, he is a member of Yo La Tengo, the CD jacket was designed by Archer Prewitt? I didn't know that. Archer is also an musician. He was a member of The Cocktails. I haven't listen any of The Cocktails's yet, but I like his song as well. Oh, now next music is running...

Saturday, October 22, 2005


I've heard of that Abouriou is a grape that it's difficult to be grown up because of the thin skin and another reason. At least Loire. I don't know it's indigenous grape in Loire though, This wine was nice. It smells like red currant,Raspberry,Strawberry, and something like that. Natural. The wine go through into your body. I'm verry light drinker, so that I like the wine like this. I also like his other's. Marc Penot, a Vignerons(wine maker?) in Loire. The photo of right edge is a Airy cake with an orangefilling and covered with a crunchy layer of chocolate. It's simillar to Pim's.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Bottega Lira

This is my favorite Italian bar in Yokohama. The bar was used to be a restaurant, and it was run by a chef and a service man. Sadly, The area around the restaurant is gonna be redeveloped, and it's closing out in the end of this year, So that it'd changed to a bar and the chef'd moved to another Italian restaurant. The service man has been being serving and cook all meals and desserts for us. He can cook because he used to work as a cook. You can drink a nice cup of espresso too! At Friday night, a nice lady helps him sometimes. she used to work there as a waitress and a nice barista. I will go by there after work sometimes.
This is marinated grilled vegetable. it's one of the routine meals. It's a nice dish to start with.

I don't know this wine detail. but I liked it. I've googled about it. but all article was in Italian. I can't read it at all.. The winary's name was castelmagno, and the wine was sommarrello 2002. I've got a feeling that I'd tasted a french wine as same taste as this before.

This is a lamb stew. I've burned the tip of my tongue, but it's delicious!

Monday, October 17, 2005

マユハケオモト(Mayuhake omoto)

It's unique flower. Mayuhake-Omoto is white blood lily in English. Somehow, My mother grows this flower.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Aux Amis des Vins

I've taken to a restaurant after a long while. it's located in Ginza. Aux Amis des Vins.
We ate this with Champagne and white Bordeaux wine. They went together. The Champagne was De Sausa, "Blanc de Blanc" and Chateau Vignol, "Entre deux Mers". De Sausa is made by Erick de Sousa. I adore his all Champagne. The entree is sliced salmon and onion inside it.

This soup was made with sweet potato. It's the first time to eat it, and I liked it. It tasted like corn soup, but smell sweet potato. I forgot taking a photo before eat. :p

I choosed venison(鹿です) as main dish. We've had two red wine then. Hebert de Lignier, Chambolle Musigny 1999? and Domaine Richeaume.

This is galeeny(ホロホロ鳥です) with mushroom sause. Another people choosed it.

Friday, October 14, 2005


I happened to find this while I visited my friend in Kobe. the name is Akegarashi. Akegarashi is only made in Yamaichi soy sauce factory. It's a grainy paste made with Kouji and there are Japanese mustard, hempseed, Shouyu(soy sauce), and soft brown sugar in it. Taste is complicated. It sait that this paste go with rice, pork, chicken. It can be a fermented seasoning as well. You can just take a lick and sip Sake. They really go together!

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


I've visited my friend who live in Higashi-Nada ward, Koube. There are many Japanese Sake breweries in this ward. They've taken me to a couple of breweries at this time, Hamafukutsuru and Kobe Shushinkan. It would be nicer, if we had time though, I've enjoyed it. I appreciate my friend's kindness.

Monday, October 10, 2005


I went to Tsutenkaku. and buy Takoyaki then. I've got a feeling it's comeletely different from Tokyo's. I prefer Takoyaki made in Osaka!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Yamazaki whisky brewery.

Yamazaki brewery. It's located at the foot of Mt. Tenno-zan. This is a famous battle field of Akechi Mitsuhide VS Toyotomi Hideyoshi. It only took 30min get to Yamazaki st from Kyoto by train.

<--This is mint flavored. unique.


Finally, I've arrived at Kyoto. It's my first time to get to Kyoto. Unfortunately, It's raining all day, and I was busy. So that, I only could take a few photo next morning before leaving for Osaka to meet my friend. I will promise myself to stay a couple of days at Kyoto next year.
<--This is Kamogawa.

<--The Gojo guest house I've stayed. It costed only 2500yen, cheap!

Monday, October 03, 2005


Ludens is the name of our society. it came from Homo Ludens written by Johan Huizinga. it's a Latin phrase for "man the player," as opposed to just "Homo sapiens". It's started last month. The member is 11, no more, no less. We will make a plan once a month to enjoy together. The aim is just playing. This time, we've gone to a Izakaya with fishing at a place in Yokohama.

There is a big fish boat in the building and surrounded by the pool that the fishs was swimming in. There are 8 table on the ship, and some more table around the pool, and a few Ozashiki room which is a Japanese style room, Tatami floor. We've had an Ozashiki room. and we've eaten the fishs we've caught, It's interesting Izakawa, but It's enough to go that Izakaya one time. very funny, but we couldn't enough time to eat the food. The time limit was only 2h. I think it's for a family. the kids would be enjoying that kind of restaurant. Anyway, We've enjoyed it.
The below photo was chocolate(coffee bean in it or limoncello) as a souvenir. A couple in our society had been to Italy recently. I wanna go there one day.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Noord's Genever

This was my first time to sip Holland gin, Noord's Zeer Oude Genever 20 years. I think it's completely different from the gin I've ever tasted.