Tuesday, April 21, 2009

weekday wines

I've tasted these wines for several days. Chablis and Saint Chinian. The Chablis was nice. acidity, fruity, mineral, and smell of barrel? I love this cozy wine. Saint Chinia was also nice. It's been mature, but I enjoyed this wine for three days. The third day was also nice smell like Amaretto or nut nut liqueurs. I loved it too.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


I've been taken to go fishing in sea. Aji(Japanese horse mackerel) is a food in this season. So that We got so many Aji that we can't eat. I gave some to neighbor. I've cooked Tataki, which is a popular Japanese cuisine. just coarsely-chopped the fish meat and added ginger, thinner green onion, soy-sauce. It goes together with rice.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

weekend wines

We've sipped some wines after dinner at a bar. The pino tasted nice acid and soft tannin, after hours, It smelt nicer. The wine of the middle pic wasn't elegant, but nice one. The right pic was that we've tasted old vintage the last time. So, we opened this earlier vitage. Because We thought what we think if we tasted earlier one. Firstly, I felt fruity and no mushroom smelling when I tasted the old vintage. but after hours, I've got feeling little something like that mushroom smell.


We went for beer in a Japanese food restaurant this weekend. It's kinda Izakaya, but more delicious and a cozy place. We enjoyed the scent of Spring and seafood at the night. Bamboo shoot, wild vegetables in Spring, Japanese littleneck, cuttlefish with filling in it. We ate Bamboo shoot in some ways, Chawan-mushi(hot pudding), Sashimi, and Takikomi-goahan(steamed flavored rice). The sashimi of Bamboo shoot is able to be eatable in early spring. The point was to find them before sticking out the head. There could be less particular bitterness and kinda pungent taste.