Friday, September 16, 2005

月下美人(Gekka Bijin) part3!!

I was surprised that a flower was beginning to bloom at this time. I've never expected that, because it's only once or twice time every summer before. Wow.. the right pic is that a Belgian beer, taste cherry.


She Ming Suang said...

If you didn't know Belgian beer is famous for it's fruitty tastes. Some think it's nice, some true experts say it's not a beer at all.
Try the sort named Hoegarden. I like it very much.

hikalu said...

ming suang>yeah, I know that. My favorite are Carolus, Orval, Duvel and brah, brah. What alcohol do you like beside Hoegarden?

She Ming Suang said...

Russian vodka and self-made spirit. These are very nice.
And if say about commercial... well it's Chivas Regal whiskey.