Friday, October 21, 2005

Bottega Lira

This is my favorite Italian bar in Yokohama. The bar was used to be a restaurant, and it was run by a chef and a service man. Sadly, The area around the restaurant is gonna be redeveloped, and it's closing out in the end of this year, So that it'd changed to a bar and the chef'd moved to another Italian restaurant. The service man has been being serving and cook all meals and desserts for us. He can cook because he used to work as a cook. You can drink a nice cup of espresso too! At Friday night, a nice lady helps him sometimes. she used to work there as a waitress and a nice barista. I will go by there after work sometimes.
This is marinated grilled vegetable. it's one of the routine meals. It's a nice dish to start with.

I don't know this wine detail. but I liked it. I've googled about it. but all article was in Italian. I can't read it at all.. The winary's name was castelmagno, and the wine was sommarrello 2002. I've got a feeling that I'd tasted a french wine as same taste as this before.

This is a lamb stew. I've burned the tip of my tongue, but it's delicious!

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