Monday, October 03, 2005


Ludens is the name of our society. it came from Homo Ludens written by Johan Huizinga. it's a Latin phrase for "man the player," as opposed to just "Homo sapiens". It's started last month. The member is 11, no more, no less. We will make a plan once a month to enjoy together. The aim is just playing. This time, we've gone to a Izakaya with fishing at a place in Yokohama.

There is a big fish boat in the building and surrounded by the pool that the fishs was swimming in. There are 8 table on the ship, and some more table around the pool, and a few Ozashiki room which is a Japanese style room, Tatami floor. We've had an Ozashiki room. and we've eaten the fishs we've caught, It's interesting Izakawa, but It's enough to go that Izakaya one time. very funny, but we couldn't enough time to eat the food. The time limit was only 2h. I think it's for a family. the kids would be enjoying that kind of restaurant. Anyway, We've enjoyed it.
The below photo was chocolate(coffee bean in it or limoncello) as a souvenir. A couple in our society had been to Italy recently. I wanna go there one day.

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