Monday, December 19, 2005


Sunday, 18th, a party located in our favorite Italian restaurant. At this time, We made a rule at the event. The gentlemen cook the dinner. Instead of that, the ladies bring the present for the men. and after the dinner, play the jenga. I took some photos of the dished below, but I was busy to cook too. Actually, There were more dishes that I couldn't take the photo. rice ball rolled with sliced Parma ham(this is unique and divine!), nems, and tiramisu layered some orange compote that was sliced into rings, It's the first time to eat orange tiramisu and I loved it..

This is sashimi of octopus and fish. I know some people can't accept sashimi as food though. well, We eat raw fish sometimes if it's enough safe to eat. it is a carpaccio style this time. We sauced on it later.

They are a filling dish which is rolled with semi-dried tomato an sliced zucchini. The filling was minced fish with crumb , the crumb was sauted with some herb(oregano, thyme, and etc) and garlic. and oven-fry it

This is a negi(kinda Welsh onion) gratin. I cooked this, but I couldn't take the photo before eating. sad.. lol

Well I couldn't take this one too. It's a shellfish dish. no name. I steamed each shellfish with oil and garick, white wine and brought away. and The soup of all shellfish was mixed with water in the pan, added olive paste, anchovy paste and caper in it. braising sliced potato with the soup, and put the selfish back to the pan. Yes, I cooked this with the chef too.

It's a tomyankun soup which was made with the leftover of all ingredient. the head of shrimp, the leftover of vegetables, and some things.. It's very yummy and made us warm. It was so cold, you know.

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