Saturday, January 07, 2006

Grilled mandarin orange.

People eat mikan(mandarin orange) in winter. I eat plain, but I've tried a grilled orange tonight. I've never tried it before. It's said that it's good when you get a cold too. It's easy to cook. Just grill the whole orange in oven or toaster in medium heat. It's done when it get burnt. Be careful, C'est chaud(hot)!!


Ryan Oakley said...

Did you like it?

hikalu said...

Nice question. I liked it. It's quite nicer than I've expected. The orange get ticker after grill. it's not thick like jam or sauce, it's little thicker, get easier to peel.
I think I'm getting bored with it, so that I'm thinking how to eat orange by the other way. How about vin chaud(hot wine) with orange?