Sunday, March 12, 2006


I've got a massage today. The massage practitioner has offered me to use homeopathy.
I've heard of the name here or there, but I didn't know what it is. homeopathy corrects the imbalances and weaknesses. I don't know the detail yet.

Why do I use homeopathy? Well, recently, A doctor says that I've got a repetitive stress injury by using pc. 3 years ago, I've noticed something wrong in my body. Since, it's getting worse little by little. Firstly, I thought it was just lack of exercise. I went to gym three a week. not so hard excercise. But last year, I've got a hyperventilation syndrome. I was almost panic. "What's happening to me?", "What've I done?" A doctor said that I've got a stress. but I have no idea what kind of stress I've got. I couldn't understand that. Anyway, I stop going to gym and went to many places to check my body and hear second, third, forth opinion. I'm looking for the factor. I wanted to know where my factor is, Physical side or mental side. but Almost of the doctors said my disease was hyperventilation. Since, somehow, the stiffness of body is getting worse little by little. I felt down. The doctor gave me a antianxiety drug. But I don't wanna use that kind of medicine. I was worry about the adverse effect. I stared to look for another way. I was googling and found a clinic. the doctor explains there are many people get RSI(repetitive stress injury) these days. it's caused by using pc or something. I felt like going the clinic. and I went to there. the doctor said that's certainly the case with me. Actually, Before many staff quit the company each year in our section, IT section. I just work as a temporary staff here and I hadn't worked this kind of job before. it became busy. I had to do anything, even I didn't know. Everyday, I've got tensed up. That was 3 years ago. When my stress was kinda peak, a skillful staff came our section. Now he handles the job and it comes easy to me. But I use pc all day, even when it's not busy, I just look at the monitor. I hate this. That's the reason why I get a massage and start using homeopathy. I don't know it works to me yet. but I will try anything.


Iris said...

I hope, your homeopathique treatment will help you to feel more relaxed, Hikalu. It's very popular in Europe and France - next to chinese medicine:-))).

I used it myself years ago for certain problems, and I found it helpfull. Perhaps its a bit like biodynamics in viticulture: you have to beleave in it's effects - and while you're following the precription, at least you won't do yourself any harm as with the secondary effects of normal drugs or "pesticides".. and for many deseases its patience and time which will cure everything.

Some "sport" is not to bad, if you're in front of the pc all day - but I think some walking in green nature is better than working outs in a fitness center (which look always very "stressing" for me).

And good, valuable fresh food and natural wines in moderate quantity are already things you practice, so I'm quite sure you will overcome your problems!

Nice, that you found my wine, which year is it? (its the 100% Grenacvhe one)

hikalu said...

Thank you for the comment. Now, I feel easy. I think homeopathy is known in Japan recently. I took it for only 2 days, but it's not bad at all. I will try it for a while with my masseur's advice.

Yeah, I think some sport are not bad. but I'm supposed not to do now. Insead of that, I've got advice to walking. In green nature must be nice, I think. I've never got comfortable in a fitness center too. Somehow, I don't like the atmosphere so much.

About your wine, I've got 2002's one. I remember you've said that it's 100% Grenache. I'm gonna taste it with friend and my favorite wine shop's owner next weekend. I can't wait. :-))