Sunday, April 30, 2006


My friends took me ceramica lesson. Bell Italia in Aoyama, Tokyo. Ceramica is Italian ceramic work. At this time, We have experienced a painting part in Ceramica. There were some samples for painting, so that I've copied lemmon. The sample plate was only lemmon, so that I've added a lime. The teacher said the color will change after being burnt in a kiln. We've choosed the color according to the sample color. After painting, I've asked a student who can speak Italian how to spell lemmon and lime in Italian. She know lemmon, "Limone". but she didn't know lime. I've asked the teacher too, but she didn't know that too. She called a staff in the office. There was a Italian lady in the office today, and asked her that. She said "What is lime?". LOL very funny.. After she understand what is lime, ofcourse, she knew it, She still didn't know how to spell it. I thought there was a lime in Italia, no lime made in Italia? Well, I wrote "Limone" and "Limone verde". In French, Lemmon is Citron, and Lime is Citron vert. So that I wrote that way. It might be correct. a little mystery, Somebody tells me how to spell lime in Italian. We will get the completed product after a few weeks. It's gonna be fun!
We had dinner in a nice Suchi restaurant near Hiyoshi st, the To-yoko line. It's a kinda restaurant you don't wanna tell the other. Any sushi item was very delicous. and it's quite less expensive, you can say it's cheaper!, than I've expected.

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