Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Domaine des marquises, Laramon, vin de table. I don't know the detail, but it's a natural wine, I think. I will enjoy it for a couple of day.


Iris said...

The Domaine des Marquises lies in Roquebrun, at 15 km of Lisson. L'Aramon is one of the old grape varieties of the South of France. It was planted a hundred years ago, because you could harvest up to 200hl from its plants, so it didn't have the reputation to make good wine.

Today, many of the vineyards with Aramon have been destroyed to put better plants in their place. But some winemakers do still have some fields with Aramon and if they cur down the production to a reasonable amount, it gives a light, fruity wine which is easy to drink - nearly without tannins.

I like the design on the label which may really show and old Aramon root...

hikalu said...

It's the first time to drink the wine like this in Languedoc. I thought it was a wine in Loire or Beaujolais. The taste is the same that you've said, light, fruity. I also tasted a little acerbity. It's easy to drink. I liked it.

I thought that the label was like the old grape branch which has survived for a long long while. Something connects to wine, I guess.