Sunday, October 22, 2006

Pascal Simonutti

We've tasted the wine of Pascal Simonutti's tonight.

Menu Pineau. Somehow, it reminded me one of Domaine Julien Courtois's wines. Was that Menu Pineau too? I love that kind of wine.

both were gamay, but the taste was different, I've thought. I've got a feeling like a oriental incense. some of us don't like it much. I think it's not bad. the taste was natural.

Pineau d'Aunis. It's eaiser to drink last two gamay, people said. I smelt like fruit.

Gascon. The impression was the same as Pineau d'Aunis. and it's little thicker than Pineau d'Aunis. I liked it too.

After the tasting, Our favorite okowa was served. It's a type of steamed rice dish which is the mixture white rice and mochi-gome(glutinous rice) with some vegetables, mushroom, chicken and etc. You can arrange the ingredients of course.

One of us brought a hawaii wine as a souvenir. It tasted like Anzu(Prunus armeniaca). it's like a juice. It said that this wine was made with a 50% brazilian grape named "jaboticaba". It would seem that it's not a grape exactly.

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