Sunday, February 04, 2007


anybody knows freitag bag? It's made from distressed truck tarpaulins as a recycled material. everything is never the same design, unique idea. I've already known this for a couple of years ago, but never see it in real. today, I've happened to find some in a store. and at the first time, I was just gonna take a glance at them. but when I saw them..., as I notice, I'd already had one of them in my hands.. well, That's how it is..


Iris said...

I love the story behind the bags on their internet site and their "shop" in switzerland build from containers! Thanks for the link!

hikalu said...

You've seen their site? I think some people hit the idea of this, but this is the first shop that has come off and succeeded the idea. It's little expensive here though, I got it because I had liked the design and the story.

Freitag bag said...

Freitag bags are "it" bags and have already achieved a cult status in Europe. Not only that they are unique and authentic but environmentally friendly. Check for original freitag bags available at reduced prices.