Saturday, February 10, 2007

gratin with Japanese ingredients.

I've cooked a gratin with Japanese ingredients,renkon, gobo, maitake mushroom, and 2 sliced buri fish. it's based tomato sauce. It took about 1hour to cook it.
renkon is a kinda lotus root, gobo is a eatable burdock root, and buri is a yellow tail. All ingredient is popular in winter of Japan.

First of all, I've cut gobo into vertically long hangetsu-giri, which means cut into the form of 5 or 6 cm cylinder at first and cut into half lengthwise. you can see like half moon, you know.and cut renkon the same shape as gobo. here are ways to cutting vegetables in Japanese.

Next, I grilled them with a saute pan. pour little olive oil and brown them. salt and pepper surely. and put them aside.

Next, cut buri fish into chunks, salt and pepper, and brown them as well. and put them aside.

then, fry up maitake mushroom and add gobo and renkon back. add some white wine and fry up till dry off fluid.

After that, Just spread renkon and gobo to cover the gratin dish, don't forget coat butter, pour tomato sauce. layer the fish and the mushroom and pour tomato sauce again. and cover sliced Mozzarella and grated Parmesan or Pecorino Romano on it. Then put it into the oven. grill it about 20min or so. it's done! nice cozy meal.
Bon appetit!

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