Monday, April 16, 2007

common curry in Japan

People cooked curry like this in Japan. There are many curry pastes here or there and it's easy to make curry. just use ingredients what you want, and added water, boil up, and added the paste after minutes. My parents prefer this curry to some Indian curry that I cook sometimes. They aren't used to eat those spicy foods. Well, That's okay. People serve this curry with some pickles like rakkyo and fukujin-zuke. rakkyo is kinda Japanese shallot. and fukuzin-zuke is.., well, see this. :P
And The salad was boiled lettuce and tofu. the dressing was aji-pon, which means a mixture of soy sauce, citrus vinegar and bonito flavour. very common sauce. people use it with Nabe cuisines, salad, and some foods. little sour, and nice citrus flavor. the aji-pon made in Mitsukan is popular, but some people get more nicer ones and little expensive.

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