Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Domaine des Griottes. Smelt green apple, nice soften acidity and little toast. I liked this wine.


Iris said...

Very nice label, too!

hikalu said...

Yeah, I like that too!
I wonder what sauvageonne means. Does it concern to sauvignon blanc?

Félicien Breton said...

Indeed there is a strong linkage in the mind of a French-born person (as myself).
"Sauvage" means not domesticated.
The sauvignon grape has been named than way (by Loire people) because of its herbal character (suggesting bell pepper or freshly mown grass).
A "sauvageon" is an un-tamed person. It controversially may refer to underclass youth.
So the name is fit for two reasons: the varietal character and the classification (not AOC).

hikalu said...

Hi Félicien,
Now I got an image of this wine. It's like a little mischievous kids(girl?) , which means natural, energetic, and pure, I meant. It sounds good to me!

Félicien Breton said...

Hi Hikalu,
Not necessarily pure, the girl indeed is natural and energetic.