Sunday, April 29, 2007

smoking food part2

The other way to make smoking foods, using cardboard box. it's very cheap equipment. You just get 2 cardboard for this. and some spits and a pot to smoke the chips.

We learned to smoke small eggs, hanpen, shirasu, and cheese in this box. hanpen and shirasu are japanese foods. hanpen is a white triangular shaped food, one of surimi product. People use it in Oden and just into soup. shirasu is a tiny fish. it's also used as bait to fishery .

Each food is put in the box. the first is cheese. next shirasu on upper layer. the other box, we use 2 smoking box, egg and hanpen in it.

put the lid and keep the temperature. it depends on what you smoke though, about 2h to 8h at this time.

see those smoking foods. nice baked color. it's like cookies. The teacher said only hanpen is nicest to eat it fresh from the oven. shirasu is also wonderful. Everybody loved that.

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