Sunday, May 20, 2007

chardonnay in bourgogne

We've tasted chardonnay at this time. and blind tasting game.

First blind was 2 bottle. The shop owner said there is an analogy in those two wine. hmm, one of them taste fruity, flowery, and nice acidity. It's little chiller, but very similar to the wine I've drunk recently, Domaine combier. The other wine smelt like sweet, oak smell? and acidity. So that, I answered it's around Macon. The shop owner was grinning at me. and bingo! ahaha, Well, I was lucky that I've already tasted it.

Next blind also there is an analogy. Everybody said the same Vigneron. haha, everybody guessed what's the answer. I've tasted one of them before, but I couldn't noticed that. I forgot how good it was.

This is the most wine at this tasting, Corton Charlemagne 2004. Very rich smell, nice acidity, and nice balanced wine. After the tasting, Only Domaine pavelot's wine were empty. It's likely that everybody liked his wine. I liked Domaine combier, but you know, I've already tasted it recently, I wanted taste the other wines.

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