Saturday, May 05, 2007

smoking food part3

On Friday, We've make smoking food again, not to forget the recipe. The friend built two smoking box and tried the ingredients we wanted to try, pork, chicken breast fillet, shirasu(tine fishes), shiitake mush room, petit tomato, hanpen, and blah, blah. some were succeeded, some were failed. The failure was also fun. We had great time.

We've opened three bottle of wine, blanc and two rose. Unfortunately, one of the Roses was bouchonné. It was the first time to get bouchonné wine. a blanc was made form Oesterreich, Polz. the Cépages was Gruner Veltliner. This wine was great。 nice mineral, rich fruits flavor, and honey. It went together with smoking foods and A wash cheese, Hansi, one of Munster which is washed by Marc de Gewurztraminer. and bread also went together with the cheese. the bread was include some seeds like cummin or something. it's very nice match.


Iris said...

I hadn't seen your articles about smoking food till today - I liked them very much. I would never have thought that you could do it in a simple box, but the idea seems right and your photos show that it can work. I'm sure, my friend will try the system when I show it to him!

So thank you for publishing the idea.

hikalu said...

hi Iris! I'm glad that you liked those articles. yeah, it's very cheap equipment. and you can use it again. and it's useful to choose the height where you wanna put the ingredients. You know, it's cardboard, you can stick wherever you like.

I've learned three way to make the smoking food, cool smoke, hot smoke, and heat smoke. the cool smoke is to smoke with smoke wood, the temperature is about 30 degrees C. tiny fish and proceed cheese by this way.
the hot smoke is to smoke with smoke chips, and about 60 degrees C. hanpen and quail egg by this way.
The heat smoke is smoke with the chips, and about 100 degrees C. sausage and chicken wings by this way.