Sunday, July 22, 2007


We've tasted 4 bottles of Loire wine yesterday night.

First of All, Vin Mousseux, Jean Christophe Garnier. I didn't know that he makes Vin mousseux too. and this was divine! rich honey smell and nice acidity. I really like it.

Blanc 2005. I don't what varieties in this wine. tasted natural.

I think the variety was Sauvignon blanc. this wine was the same rich, juicy, and fruity as the wine in the south France, like Languedoc.

I've tasted his wine after a while. very silky. I sometimes smell grassy(green bell pepper?) in Cavernet sauvignon, but this wine wasn't. juicy and rich taste.


Félicien Breton said...

Hello Hikalu,
Sancerre is made from the sauvignon blanc variety.
Chinon is made from the cabernet franc variety which distinctly shows a bell pepper character if underripe. Please look for ripe and non-grassy Cabernet Francs on my website.
Cabernet sauvignon is a natural cross of the two above varieties.

hikalu said...

Hello Félicien Breton,
Thank you for the comment! I mistook to write the variety. Yes, Chinon is made with cabernet franc. This Chinon was superb! It didn't smell bell pepper. It was very ripe Cabernet franc. Have you ever tried this wine?
And thank you for the recommendation. You recommended Bernard Baudry,right? I will try it when I find. Thanks a lot.