Thursday, September 27, 2007

hiyaoroshi part 2

Tonight sake is a hiyaoroshi again, "Mutsu-hassen", brewed by the Hachinohe brewery. It says that it's located in Aomori. This hiyaoroshi taste sweeter than the last hiyaoroshi I've drunk. and pure rice taste, and smells fruity like melon. Melon flavor is one of popular descriptions about Sake. It's little sweeter than usual, I think. The color was little yellow like white wine. The meal was a pasta and a nimino tonight. the pasta sauce was made with Clams, broccolis, shirasu(boiled tiny fish), and butter. It was nice pasta. and The nimono was simmered with Shirataki, Daikon-oroshi, Atsuage(is fried thick Tofu. it's popular.), and carrot. the taste was basically soy-sauce and Katsu-dashi.

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