Sunday, September 23, 2007


Shirako is milt(fish eggs or sperm of the fish?). It's a traditional popular foodstuff in Japan. Usually, the milt of Anko's or Fugu's are popular. They are eaten with Ponzu(soy-sauce and citrus juice based sauce. Usually, people use it with Nabe dishes). I don't know eating fish milt is popular in the world though.. At this time, there were salmon's sold in a market. It was very inexpensive. I thought shirako is an expensive foodstuff. Actually, this sake's milt needs to clean away odors, fish strong aroma, you know. I think sake's is stronger fish aroma than other milt. I guess that some people don't like it much. Anyway, I boiled and soak them into sake, to clean the aroma. That's preliminary. and I made soup and pasta with them. the soup weren't bad, the texture was unique. I liked it. but it has still fish aroma including. The pasta was better than the soup. I think I should've cooked them with butter. I think butter and salmon usually go together.

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