Sunday, December 23, 2007

Junmai Nama Genshu

I've sipped a sake, Junmai Nama Genshu, brewed by Sawaya Matsumoto. Nama genshu is stronger than usual sake. Usual sake is added water and be pasteurized, like distilled alcohols. The proof is about 18%-20%. It's not that strong, because Sake isn't distilled. This nama genshu is easy to drink and taste natural. I don't know the detail, but I like the sake like this. Roquefort went together with it too.


Iris said...

Tome de chèvre, crottin de Chavignol, Roquefort: you're becoming a specialiste of French cheeses, Hikalu - and all of the best! There are only about 330 other varieties to discover:-))

We looked today a documentary on tv about a wild boar specialist in Japon instead - very interesting study of their behavior by professor Eguchi - we liked it very much and some of his hints could be interesting for us, to protect our wines.

So: long live the international exchange!

kindest regards from France on this Christmas day, we don't have snow, but rather cold temperatures with cie-cristals in the morning, before the sun comes out beautifully.

hikalu said...

hi iris! There are 330 other varieties left!? Wow, I should stay in France at least 1 year to eat all. Then, I have to eat a cheese almost everyday!

I didn't know the documentary. It's good that you have some hints to protect your wines from wild boars. It will be wonderful if you find some nice ways for it.

We don't have snow either here, Yokohama. but It's very cold. It's still dark outside as I woke at 6am. There are a few day left in this year. Have a wonderful week!