Sunday, January 20, 2008


Uirou is a type of steamed cake produced principally in Nagoya, Yamaguchi and Kyoto. This uirou is made by goken uirou in Kyoto. The shop is located near Keihan Gojou st. It will take about 20 min from Kyoto st by train. The structure is little sticky and sweet. I liked this uirou. This time, I choose a stick of three type uirou(sakura, maccha, and plane). Definitely, You wanna drink Japanese tea(green, houji-cha, genmai-cha)!


Jon said...

How does one make uirou? It sounds like it could be delicious!

Sweets in the U.S. are TOO sweet, and I miss being in Japan; they were just sweet enough, but not too much...!

hikalu said...

I've bought this uirou. I'm glad that you like the sweetness of Japanese cake. I also like European sweets, but The sweet in The U.S is too sweet for me. I will treat you some Japanese cake when you come to Japan again. ;)