Sunday, March 16, 2008


We've puffed shisha tonight in a arabian restaurant, Al Ain, located Isezakichojamachi in Yokohama. It nears Kannai. The chef used to work the Kuwaiti embassy. I forgot to take photo of dinner because we've really enjoyed it. Everything was fine, cozy foods. the sweets and coffee. There are turkish coffee and arabic coffee. I choose arabian coffee. it's watery(more like tea) and include cardamom and something. It went together with dried date palm. I love this style. We've also puffed some hookah shisha, flavored mints, rose, apple, and mango. The guy in the photo, he isn't smoker, but he also enjoyed it. We've enjoyed a wonderful dinner. You shouldn't go alone. Go with many people and choose many foods, and puff shisha. If you could see belly dance. that would be divine!!