Sunday, April 13, 2008

simmered sardines

Iwashi(sardines) is popular fish in Japan. and people like to simmer this kind of fishes as a nimono. I simmered them with water, sake, mirin, and umeboshi. and added a teaspoon of soy-sauce, because, umeboshi has enough saltiness. It goes together with rice. They are small and the bone are weak, so that you can eat whole. Of course, You should clean the inside and chopped the head. I think it can be nice as a marinated dish.


TheSassyChef said...

I love canned fried sardines because the bones are crunchy, but I've never tried making them myself.

By the way, I love all your combinations of wine with food!

hikalu said...

hi thesassychef! Thank you for the comment. The bone of sardine is softer. If you cook marinated sardines, you can eat whole.