Saturday, May 24, 2008

pino noir

We've tasted some pino noir tonight.

This isn't pino. It was hot and humid today, so that we drink this nice Petillant. It tasted little sweet and smelt like strawberry.

Those two Alsace pino noir are compeltely different each other. The left one was nice tannin and smelt like coffee beans. the right one was easy to drink.

The left wine was charming. and the right one was more tannin.

Those two wine are brewed by one of my favorite vigneron, Catherine & Dominique Derain. I'm a fun of his wine since I've tasted his unique white wine, Mur Mur.

I liked those two pino noir too. Especially, Domaine Pavelot. I loved his white wines.

This wine was served as a blind tasting at the last. That was funny, Everybody couldn't guess this wine was gamay. The shape of the bottle was tricky too. We've enjoyed tonight wine tasting.


Iris said...

You are really lucky with your wine merchant (caviste) - always well known names of French winemakers on the labels and even the more confidential vins de Table, which don't have the right, to put the grape variety on their label - so PN for Pinot Noir is a nice way, to do it in a hidden way...

congratulations for this nice tasting!

hikalu said...

Hi Iris! Thank you for the comment. Yes, My wine caviste knows the wines like this. I've heard of that vins de table don't have that right. Yes, PN is a nice way to hide the grape variety. The wine maker always think a nicer and better way on making wine. Next weekend, We will tasted Marc Pesnot's wines. One of my favorite vignrons.