Saturday, June 28, 2008

Marc Pesnot

We've sipped Marc Pesnot's wines and one unique Italian wine tonight.

The wine on the left was Muscadet(melon de Bourgogne). On the middle, Gros plant and the tree is over 60 years. Usually, It tend to be aigre, this wasn't. On the right was Abouriou which has thin skin and hard to grow them. Personally speaking, I liked gros plant.
Those wine were Melon de Brougogne. They all included some gas. I've heard of that gas protect wine instead of adding SO2. The right one were like Petillant.
This wine was brewed in Amphora(a brown ware). The variety is Carignan. Everybody haven't expected this wine was Carignan. It smelt very flowery, kinda liqueur. It's like a perfume. I don't wanna drink it with some foods. I'd rather sip it after meal. The vignoron is Giotto Bini who is an architect in Italy.

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