Saturday, November 22, 2008

primeur in 2008

I've tasted 10 kinds of Beaujolais Nouveau this weekend. This year, all wines were lower alcohol and less sweetness. I've heard of that it's hard get enough sun and there were some grape coming not to fruition, which means less amount, but conversely, the grape would be condensed. It depends on what is the purpose on making wine. The winery could get nice grape if they sorted the grape carefully. But it's very hard job.

Anyway, We've enjoyed the wines. They went together with cheese, and canard ham. Personally, I liked Jean Claude Lapalu's and Philippe Pacalet's. Mr Lapalu's wine has the most sweetness in this tasting. I also liked the others, but It's enough wine for me tonight. I gave up thinking, and just felt and enjoyed the wines. cheers and drink up!!

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