Saturday, December 20, 2008

pino in France

We've tasted pino this weekend. Loire, Alsace, and Bourgogne. We decanted some of them by ovarius.

The first of all, We celebrated the end of 2008 with a rose of champagne, De Sousa. This is my favorite champagne. the afterglow was longer. I like it.

So, We started to taste pino noir below. The left wine was Thierry Puzelat. It smelt nicely as soon as opened. The middle of wine was Sebastien Riffault. Firstly, It's closed, but after minutes, It got better and better. the right wine was Gerard Schueller. This pino was quite nice. It's little similar to a Bourgogne. I love this.

and We kept tasting another pino noir, 2 bottles of wine by Philippe Pacalet. Nuits Saint George and Bel Air. the both were nice, but I prefer Bel Air somehow. The tasteing was over, but there were less bottles, so we opened another bourgogne at the end, Lou Dumont 1987, It's aged nicely.

the end of the tasting, We've sipped a sweet wine, 30 lunes, Maisons Brulees. and I brought this Japanese sweet, Ama-nattou. This is a famous ama-nattou shop in Yokohama, "Omoya". You should try this sweet. You would feel their character, not only sweetness. It's different from common Ama-nattou.


Iris said...

Nice way to celebrate the end 0f 2008 with lot's of good wines! I love the Pinot wines of Schueller too, he's become kind of a friend since my visit in his plac years ago and has even helped us once when he came by with his wife, while we were harvesting our Pinot grapes at Lisson on our hillside.

I wish you all the best for the New Year 2009 - in spite of the crisis, I hope you will be ables to discover and apreciate lots of good things and keep on telling us about them:-)!

hikalu said...

Hi Iris! Thank you for the comment. I was glad that pino in Alsace is also nice. Schueller's pino is elegant. I liked Albert Mann's pino(in Alsace too). but It seems to follow that I love the both. Thier pino has different characters, and I appreciate the both.

I wish you the best of 2009 too. I've seen your blog right now. There is snow in Lisson, isn't it? I hardly read Francais, but I enjoy your Blog by seeing photos.
Have a wonderful day the end of 2008.