Saturday, January 03, 2009

Kyoto part5

I've experienced "Ocha-kai"(tea ceremony) in the afternoon. The cousins of my friend have joined one of the schools of Japanese tea ceremony for years, and The father of one of them is a Hyougushi(frame-maker or paper mounter?). Hyougushi is an traditional artisan and they compose Furosaki, Byoubu(folding panel screens), Kakeziku(hanging scroll), Fusuma(sliding doors). Those things are used in the tea ceremony too. So They show us how to do that tea ceremony. She even told me how to brew the green tea(matcha). We ate Japanese sweets and sip the tea. I had a wonderful time, but I couldn't feel one's legs at the end because I sit by Seiza style(fold your legs under yourself) for minutes!

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