Saturday, May 30, 2009

Didier Daguneau

It's been long time after tasting. I have a time to upload the photos.

We've tasted some wines produced by Didier Daguneau. I've told that his son accede the wine making now, after he were gone by an accident. I wanna drink the wines he makes too.

First of All, We've relieved ourselves thirst with champagne, Gaston Dericbourg. That made a nice start.

I liked both, but Buisson Renard's excellent smell has gone down faster. I wanted to enjoy this smell for more while. it couldn't help it.

We've tasted a red wine before the last of his sweet wine, Pascal Simonutti. It's nice light wine. I like his wine.

The last wine of Daguneau tonight was this, les Jardins de Babylone. What a lovely sweet wine. I also like this label.

While tasting, There were some foods.

And after that, We wanted drink more, so We opened some mroe wines. 2004 Nuitage, Marc Pesnot. Nice natural white wine. 2003 Bourgueil, Yannick Amirault. Nice silky wine. and Beaujolais Nouveau 2004, Jean Foillard. This Nouveau can drinkable after years. What a surprise!

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