Tuesday, March 09, 2010

pot au feu

It's snowing and getting colder tonight. So that I cooked pot au feu. I haven't eaten pot au feu in France and This one is just simmered with pork, carrot, onion, white turnip, and sausage. I added one garlic clove, black pepper, clove and etc.
the white turnip are added after simmered hours, and sausage added before 5mins.

I've got a feeling that I wanna drink Alsace wine, so that I got a Riesling.
To tell the truth, I wanna get some Alsace wine, but It's snowing and colder,
I get it in my neighborhood. That wasn't bat at all. sweetness, acidty, and smelling.
It got together with food.

The green leaves were a Japanese salad, "Shungiku"(garland chrysanthemum).
It's made in this season. Usually, It's eaten by boiling, but I liked eat them in fresh when they are young.


Anonymous said...

Hi i really enjoyed your blogg, why have you stopped writing?

hikalu said...

Hi Somebody!
I'm glad that you enjoyed my blog. Well, Recently I use FB, and I don't have enough time to enjoy making my Blog.. Should I start this blog again? Well, let me think.

I appreciate that. Thank you! ;-)