Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A typhoon is coming.

There is a typhoon coming through Japan tomorrow. It was raining for a little while ago. Now, It's humid and hot.. Tonight, I had couscous salad (like this) and sipping a glass of Ricard. You know, It's anis flavor. I like sipping Ricard or Pernod in the day like tonight. It would be nice if I have a bottle of absinthe too. It's also a liqueur. I'm a light drinker, but I like those liqueurs. I think I like herb. Ah, I wanna say this, Please don't assume that I'm a strong drinker or an alcoholic. Actually, I put wine pictures here or there, but not such a person. I just like driking and eating. :p Back to about Absinthe, It haven't been sold for a long while, but Recently, you can buy it. It's safer than before. It used to incluede a kind of toxicity. some famous people died by this liqueur.
Tonight, I'm listening those CDs below. They are Archer Prewitt's albums.

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