Sunday, October 16, 2005

Aux Amis des Vins

I've taken to a restaurant after a long while. it's located in Ginza. Aux Amis des Vins.
We ate this with Champagne and white Bordeaux wine. They went together. The Champagne was De Sausa, "Blanc de Blanc" and Chateau Vignol, "Entre deux Mers". De Sausa is made by Erick de Sousa. I adore his all Champagne. The entree is sliced salmon and onion inside it.

This soup was made with sweet potato. It's the first time to eat it, and I liked it. It tasted like corn soup, but smell sweet potato. I forgot taking a photo before eat. :p

I choosed venison(鹿です) as main dish. We've had two red wine then. Hebert de Lignier, Chambolle Musigny 1999? and Domaine Richeaume.

This is galeeny(ホロホロ鳥です) with mushroom sause. Another people choosed it.


Iris said...

I had a look at their wine list: you find only the best of what is made in France actually. As a winemaker in the South of France, I do know many of them - we don't have any restaurant around here, which offers such a splendid collection!
So felicitations for your restaurant choice, you're lucky to be able to go there.

hikalu said...

iris>Thank you for having a look at my blog and a comment. Yeah, I'm lucky to be able to go there. the owner of my favorite wine shop takes me some restaurants sometimes. He carrys some wines to the restaurant too. Domaine Richeaume is one of them. He likes Languedoc wines. I've tasted some wines at the wine shop's event. Chateau de L'engarran, Domaine de L'arjolle, Alquier, D'aupilhac, and blah, blah. All are made in the south of France, right? I'm quite light drinker though, I love wine.

Iris said...

what's the name of your wine shop and it's owner, if I may ask. I know all the wines you've tasted, because they are all situated in about 50 km distance from where I live. I'm a winemaker too, by the fact - and a light drinker at the same time, that's why I like tastings, then you can spit and discover many wines without getting drunk :-))) But I like wine best at table with friends.

hikalu said...

You are a wine maker too!? Wow. I've seen your Blog the last time, but I can hardly read French language. How was this year for your vineyard?
About the wine shop, The name is "Shinkawa" run by the owner, Kazuyuki Takenouchi. It's located in Aoba ward, Yokohama. It takes 5min by train from here.
I like to drinking with friends too. Especially, The most cosy dinner is at home.