Saturday, November 12, 2005

After the champagne party...

Now midnight.. After the party, Some people and I moved to another place to drink more. We were in the mood for a red wine. First restaurant, bar?, was named "Tar Tar".
We've opened a Marsannay 2002, Domaine Philippe Naddef. I think it's the first time to drink it, and I enjoyed it. the other enjoyed it too. We had some meal too, marinated some mushrooms, chicken liver mousse, carbonara(this was divine!), canard confit and olives.

We've drained the bottle. What will we open next in these Gigondas wine. Where was Gigondas?

We've choosed this one.

We moved one more bar and restaurant, Le Marie Jeanne. We've opened a Alsace pino noir. It was Domaine Gerard Schueller. I like his pino noir very much. it smells like Ume(Japanese plum) and Katsuobushi(it's a Japanese traditional ingredient, boiled and dried bonito flesh). It's really my description though. and Last one was Bourgueil 2002, Yannick & Nicole Amiraut. It's cabernet franc. This one is very silky and smoothly. I like this too.


Michael A said...

Just surfing the net this morning and found your webpage...interesting food and wine ideas! -411

hikalu said...

michael a>Thank you for visiting my blog. I report my activity since I've got a digital camera this year. I will take photo sometimes, so visit here again when you have a time. :)

Iris said...

Gigondas is in the Côte du Rhone region in the South of France, like Châteauneuf du Pape.

It like your description of Schueller's Pinot Noir d'Alsace - I like it very much and as I know him personally, I'm lucky, to have still some bottles in my cellar. His white wines are excellent too - I serve them with japoneese food - especially his Riesling Grand Cru and Gewürztraminer are very fitting.

It's interesting that you find really a lot of the best french wines in the restaurants, you go to. It's much better than in my region, where restaurants serve very often only cheap local bottles - but I'm in the country side - not in Paris :-)))

hikalu said...

I see that Gigondas is in the Côte du Rhone region. I will remember that. thank you. :)

I love the Schueller's wines since I've tasted his Riesling Grand Cru and Gewürztraminer. I've also tasted "Le verre est dans le fruit", "Stich", and some more. Somehow, I love the wine like his wine!! About pino noir, I also like Albert Mann's. I think it's different taste from Schueller's, but I like it as well. It was the first time that I can smell like coffee when I've tasted Albert's pino noir.

I went to the country side in France once. I think I prefer country side. All restaurants We went to was concern to my favorite wine shop. The owner, Mr Takenouchi, treat Schueller's wines too. I'm so happy that I have a chance to taste those fantastic wines. I appreciate Mr Takenouchi.

You've served them with Japoneese food before? sounds nice. I'm surprised and glad that you know cuisine Japoneese. Who cooked it?
Perhaps, You cooked them? If you did, How did you know how to cook cuisine Japoneese? It's interesting. I admire it.

Iris said...

my friend Klaus did the cooking - as always. We were both born in Duesseldorf, in Germany, where you find a huge japonise collonie and specialisted food stores and restaurants.

I too baught some books about japonise cooking and searched in the Internet.

And one of our japonise clients even brought us dried fish for the soupes, which we couldn't find around here, and home made soja-sauce...

It's certainly mixed up with french ingrediants, kind of cross-culture, like probably french food you can find in Japon.