Saturday, November 12, 2005

De Sousa

The family of my favorite champagne came to Japan, De Sousa!! We've tatsted his champagne.
First of all, We've taste Cuvee brut tradition with this aperitif.

Next, We've tasted Cuvee Reserve Blanc de Blanc, which means only Chardonnay.

We've tasted Cuvee Des Caudalies! and afeter that We've tasted Cuvee brut tradition demi sec with a desert.

Eric de Sousa and his wife Michelle. Acutually, Thier three children came to Japan too, but The eldest sister got a 39 degree fever,maybe she got tired too, so that the children took a rest in the hotel tonight. I'm sorry to see them again, but that can't help. I hope she will get rid of it soon, and have a nice trip.

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