Sunday, November 27, 2005

Boujolais Nouveau

Finally, We've tasted Nouveau 2005. We couldn't make the time and day for this occasion. We were looking forward to this pary. You know what, We've tasted 10 bottles at this time!! and 1 Nouveau bottle in 2004 too! Why did we keep 2004? Well, One of us happened to have one and it would be fun to prepare 2005. There were also the same winary in 2005.
We've gathered at a house, brought the wines, and food. I've brought some bread. then, just open them, drink, eat, and talk till midnight. I think 2005 was very nice year, at least Beaujolais area, Because all wine were nice. not just thick and sweet like 2003 wines, they had acid. I'm looking forward to drink 2005 wines. When can I drink 2005 wines?


Iris said...

Normally, 2005 wines made to be drunk "young and fruity" will be bottled in spring 2006.

Wines - like our Lisson wines - which are brought up in barriques in the cellar for around 18 months, won't be bottled before spring, early summer 2007!

But many light read ones, and most of the rosé wines will be on the market place in next spring!

hikalu said...

Now, I see. At least, It's possible to get those 2005 young wines in Spring 2006 if I like. In Japan, There are Sakura in full bloom in Spring. The rose wine could go best with Sakura. n'est-ce pas?

It takes 18 months to be bottled? It needs patience at you work. Now, in your chai, There are 2003, 2004, 2005 wines in each barriques, correct? and the 2003 wines will be bottled and on the market place in next summer. hmm, it's fun. :)

Iris said...

Yes, Hikalu, it needs patience - in the wines, to wait for the best moment of the harvest - in the cellar - and even afterwards, because wines made this way are often not likely to give the most pleasure to amateurs before several years... It's "slow food" on the whole line!

In my cellar, the 2003 wines have been bottled in may 2005 - and some of them mut have arrived in Japon in the beginning of july.

There are no 2004 any longer, because big thunderstorms, like they can happen out of the blue in the middle of august - had devastated our wines and they had difficulties to ripen afterwards - so two months ago, I decided, that the quality was not worth being labeled and sold with our name.

But there are very nice 2005, who will have to wait "patiently" in their oak barrels till 2007... if everything goes well.

hikalu said...

big thunderstorms in the August 2004? Oh, No! After all the effort you put in growing the vinyard! You had been working on it.. I'm sorry to hear that. It reminds me my France traveling in 2002, organized by my favorite wine shop.
In that year, There were flood around Rhone in Septembre or Octorbre, and some vinyeards and people was suffered. We had a plan to visit some winaries in Rhone.
They were kind and let us tasting even though they had got involved in such a accident. I'd enjoyed tasing, but I'd also felt sorry and got uncomfortable at that time. I thought that it would've been nice feeling if no flood in Rhone in 2002... Whatever, it's my first traveling in France.

There are some of your 2003 wines arriving in July in Japan? sounds nice. You know what, I've found some of your wines in a online wine shop. The wines are below.

Clos du Cure 2001
Les Echelles 2001
Clos des Cedres 2001
Les Plo 2002

This real shop is located in Yokohama, I can go to the shop. I'm thinking that it would be nice if I could taste some of your wines. But the wine aren't inexpensive for me in Japan. I'm thinking if I gather the money from some friends and taste them together. It will be fun.
Do you think It's a nice time to taste those wine?

Iris said...

I don't know the adresse url of the online-shop, so I don't know at which price my wines are sold in Japon:-)))

But if you want to try one with friends, I would advise you to start with Le Plo 2002 or Echelles 2001. Le Plo is a 100% Grenache, less tannines than my other wines - Les Echelles is a blend from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cot (Malbec), so its more "strong" on tannines for the moment and neads tasty food to accompagny and some time of opening before serving. The others (Cedres et Cure) should have some more time in a quiet cellar to "ripen" - patience, patience, as I already said:-)))

hikalu said...

Yeah, You don't know the price in Japan. and I wouldn't dare to write it here. I just thought that it's not suitable to write the price. Anybody can see this blog. I think that the price isn't unfair so much. Because your wine is grown carefully. and the low quantity and high quality. your wine seems scarcity premium.
It's not so expensive, but it's higher than I buy. My price length is somewhere around 1000 to 2000yen. Ofcourse, I will pay more if there is an occasion or a chance to share it with friend. In case you wanna know, I will wirte the url of that online-shop is here.

I think I will buy Les Plo at first. Because there are only 3 bottle left in the shop. and I don't wanna miss it.
about the others, you said they need more time to be ripen. Yeah, patience. :-)))
In my apartment, there is no nice space to keep those valuable wines here.. I just wait a chance to taste them next time. :)