Thursday, December 01, 2005


It's quite cold tonight, so that my colleague and I went for a Atsukan(it's a small pot of hot Sake) and eat Oden. Oden is like pot-au-feu in cuisine francais. It's a well-known one pot menu, Especially popular in winter. This place is located in Noge in Sakuragicho. The name is Tamaya.

Unfortunetely, this place is gonna be closed the end of this year by some reason. It's the first time to go, but I like it. oden was tasty, and hot sake made me warm.


Iris said...

It's rather cold even in the South of France since one week - so reading about hot sake and japonise "pot au feu" is a recomforting thing. Thanks for the link to "oden", it explained all my questions very well.

We too eat a lot of hot soups with meat and vegetable in winter - and its always very pleasant, that we can heat them up on the wood-stove next day - as many people say: they become even better.

hikalu said...

iris>The winter is coming in the south of France too? It's the season to enjoy pot au feu like oden in Japan!
I really agree that it become even better next day. same here. Oden is getting better after hours or next day. :-))