Friday, December 16, 2005

Aloma ointment

Recently, I went to a Chinese medicine doctor(herb doctor?) and got a nice aloma ointment. Because I've got the stiffness in my neck, shoulders, and inside shoulder blade since 2 years ago. I've been struggling for this symptom. Moreover, in This March, I've got a hyperventilation. The doctor had just prescribed a tranquilizer. I use it 2,3 times, but it just made me sleep and faintness. It's temporarily and useless. I haven't used it since. but I just bring it in case I've got a harder one. I don't wanna use it though. Oddly, Bringing is ease.
One of my friends'd recommended to go to a Chinese medicine doctor. The friend said that Chinese medicine was for improving my physical condition and this doctor treasted a unique oil. It's aloma ointment. She prescribed the ointment for each condition. it could work on you, my friend said. I really wanted to figure this out. and felt like doing anything for my symptom. I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago, and The doctor had prescribed a chinese medicine and a aloma ointment for me. About the medicine, I don't know yet it works on me. At least, it's better than tranquilizer. and the aloma ointment works for me! my stiffness is easing up a little. The almoa smells nice too. I hope the medicine works too someday. The doctor office is located in Sakuragi-cho, "Touyou Shinryoujo".

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