Sunday, December 18, 2005

Wine tasting

I went to a wine tasting event tonight. We've tasted 4 bottles of wine. La Grande Colline and Philippe Pacalet. I've tasted a wine of both winary before and I liked them. La Grande Colline is produced by Monsieur Thierry Allemand and a Japanese guy, Monsieur Oo-oka. I've heard of that Mr Oo-oka has worked in Guigal before.
This wine was a Primeur, a nouveau wine. it smelt like sulfur lightly at first when I were close to the glass. It was lightly, then I had a sip, little acidy and I've got a feeling something like fruits or flower. I can't describe it. After flavor, It's like honey.

Wow, I don't have a chance to taste any Meursault so many time. I can't afford to drink such a expensive wine. Lucky tonight. The wine of Philippe Pacalet that I've tasted before was Beaujolais and I liked the wine like that. This wine smelt like toast, butter, and sugger, people says that is vanilla flavor caming from toasted barrel. about acidy, I hardly felt it.

It smelt like Katsuobushi(Japanese plum) and Ume. Katsuobushi is a Japanese traditional ingredient, boiled and dried bonito flesh. And I like nice light tannic of this wine. less acidy.

This wine was little more tannic and smelt stronger than earlier. more sturdy. but not thick. I like it.

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