Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Naples Pizza!

I went out with one of my colleague to get a new jacket for himself since last Sunday. It's a bit difficult to find the right size, because his shoulder is bigger than average. Well, We've found a nice jacket at a shop in Minato-mirai, but we've got tired of the shop's stuff talking. The Jacket was okay. Well, my colleague has been thinking to buy it or not now. After shopping, It's 8pm. We've decided to go to a Pizza restaurant in Kannai. Some of my friends have recommended the pizza before. It's located near Yokohama stadium. The name is "Sisiliya". The pizza is burnt in a kiln.
While waiting for the pizza, We've ordered marinated vegetable(it's marinated with vinegar and mustard) and Tataki(seared tuna, it's a Japanese cuisine.) with tapenade. sipping a glass of wine with the antipasto.

There you are! the pizza is coming. We've ordered fungi pizza and quattro formaggio pizza(4 kinds of cheeses on it). very delicious.

I've ordered a Panna Cotta, but.., I couldn't bear to eat. Sorry.

I've never expected that delicious pizza tonight. my colleague has enjoyed very much. He had been praising. We've decided to come here again soon. Next time, We will take more a few guys to there. I would more enjoy and share more pizza than tonight.

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